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Minecav is Back!

7r580 aOWNERSTAFFMOD posted Nov 5, 17

Hey guys,

Been a while I know. Life has been super busy, beyond words. But, I'm restoring Minecav as I write this! I don't know if we'll have the 30 something servers we used to have, player servers are not coming back but I'm starting small, getting the lobby up now etc. Give it a day or two and things will start flowing again soon. Thanks for your patience. I didn't get rid of the website becuase I always intended to restore Minecav. Just had to get the time to do it! Stay tuned for more info! 



EvilSandwich10 is minecav really back?
Night_Eyes3315 STAFF Is there going to be a new IP address?

We're moving!

7r580 aOWNERSTAFFMOD posted Apr 21, 17

Minecav is moving hosts, so will be down for a couple weeks until we start to get everything transferred over. We're not closing! Just wanted to let you all know. You can find the latest info on our forum thread here! http://www.minecav.com/forum/m/42421031/viewthread/30049983-minecav-move/page/1



EvilSandwich10 when will it be back?

Happy Birthday EtherealGalaxy!

7r580 aOWNERSTAFFMOD posted Mar 10, 17

Please join us in wishing our awsome staff member EtherealGalaxy a wonderful Happy Birthday!

JorMoo Happy Birthday Galaxy!!! Hope you had an amazing day!!
GalaxyDew STAFFMOD Thanks! :d